just readin and saying my thoughts out loud.


reading o/ba/ma/s speech right now...really hearty, ame/ri/can spirit kind of thing, but he still gets labeled as the quiet type. guess other p/resi/de/nts were heartier.anyway he keeps repeating this g/o/d word, even though he also said that u/s/ was a nation of every religion. this makes me feel that the chr/istia/nity is really sunk into the country, forming its foundations. i wonder when the country would be able to say someone non-christian is okay for our pr/esi/dent. cause you see, the p/re/si/dent has to swear by somebodys bi/b/le (maybe it was li/nc/ol/n??), so the person has to be ch/ri/stia/n or at least a nonbeleiver, no m/us/li/ms thankyou. thats whats sad about u/s/

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